Qi Qong:
Qi (breath energy) Qong (training), also known as Chinese yoga, is an ancient Chinese health and meditation practice as well as the foundation for internal martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan.

Based on the principle of internal energy cultivation, Qi Qong has been taught as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and as an aid in healing and strengthening the body, harmonizing the emotions and calming the mind.  The purpose of Qi Qong is to activate, circulate, ground and channel energy also known as Chi.  Chi is the energy inherent in all things. 

I teach the
Open Heart style of Qi Qong. Emphasis is placed on softening, breathing, grounding, and connecting your heart/mind with nature and the universe. Open Heart Qi Qong can be described as the practice of moving and strengthening your internal energies. Just as we strengthen our physical body through movement, so it is with our energy body as well. By activating and expressing our energy body we increase our stamina and endurance while nurturing our vital essence. This practice serves as the foundation for creating and maintaining optimal health and well being. Qi Qong masters have been known to live well into their hundreds, and diligent students of the practice have also enjoyed the benefits of greater physical energy, mobility and emotional balance throughout their lives. 

When practiced with a clear intention and an open heart, Qi Qong can become a powerful tool for transformation and self cultivation. Many of my students have reported remarkable changes in their overall health and energy levels as well as improved self-esteem and emotional outlook. Qi Qong is simple and easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere and requires little space.


A 60 minute guided Chi Qong Class with Ron NaVarre