means union of mind, body and spirit. The practice of yoga is centuries old and originated in India as a spiritual discipline of cleansing, purification, and strengthening ones connection with the divine spirit and the universe.

Increased flexibility, mobility,
strength and energy

Improves respiration, digestion, circulation and metabolism

STRESS DEFENSE® YOGA is based on Taoist esoteric yoga and White Cloud yoga ( a synthesis of Hatha and Kundalini). Emphasis is placed on deep full body breathing, gentleness, and extension of mind and energy throughout and beyond the body in a continuous fluid form. As in all Stress Defense® practices, I emphasis clarity of intention and mindfulness as a path to cultivating balance, harmony and abundant health and happiness.

"I would often enter the class tired and stiff and leave with whole sections of my body released and my mind alive." Graham Daw Attorney NYC

"I feel much more present and grounded and my breathing is relaxed and deeper. My neck is free and the lower back pain has disappeared. The most important thing is that you made me believe that I can change, that I can free my body and my energy. Thank you."
Ivo V, NYC


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