ABOUT stress defense


”The roots of stress can be found in our own hearts and minds. If one is centered and the emotions are clear and calm, energy is abundant and resistance is strong, even when confronted with a force of the most powerful, vicious nature, one will not be invaded.”
Huang Di- 240 BCE

Stress Defense® is based on the concept of “channeling and grounding” stress-energy through the body by learning how to soften, smile, breathe and express. The term channel simply means to move fluidly. As energy flows through the nervous system it carries tension and stress with it. Channeling energy is not a new age concept, in fact it is an ancient practice based on the science of breath, movement and sound and has been employed by martial artists and healers for over four thousand years.

What is stress? When we think about stress we often think about our jobs, our relationships, money issues, health issues and how we will be able to fulfill our basic needs and desires. The fact is, anything can be stressful. Stress does not have to be a negative factor to upset your equilibrium. You can feel stressed when things are going great. It all boils down to your perception and reaction to what is happening. Stress is a reaction to a perceived object, event or experience. To be more specific, Stress is a defensive reaction that gets triggered whenever you feel threatened. We can feel threatened by anything, be it a job deadline, a health issue, a challenging relationship or a fearful belief. When we perceive something as threatening we react defensively with FEAR and TENSION. Fear creates tension that blocks the flow of internal energy. Intense or prolonged fear leads to rigidity and paralysis and the inability to respond fluidly to life's challenges. Tension and rigidity also consume massive amounts of energy through constant effort. Try clenching your fist and forearm for three minutes and observe how much effort and energy is spent and wasted. Now imagine holding even ten percent of that tension for days on end throughout your body. This type of holding leads to fatigue, exhaustion and fragmentation.

FRAGMENTATION Fragmentation of mind from body occurs when we cannot escape or avoid unpleasant feelings or circumstances. When faced with an overwhelming experience such as fear, pain or constant tension we often project our mind away and leave our body behind. When the mind leaves the body, energy goes with it. In Tai Chi there is an expression "Mind leads energy" or "where the mind goes energy flows". Constant separation of mind from body pulls energy out of the body which can lead to exhaustion, illness and injury. In addition, when mind abandons body, the body reacts with more fear and anxiety, separation anxiety. Without our mind to guide our body with clarity, our body becomes fearful and tense. Physical tension without physical exertion is a clear sign of fragmentation, it is a signal our body sends our mind to "come home". When the mind returns to center and integrates with the body, tension subsides and anxiety lessens. Fragmentation and separation anxiety are a common experience for most people in our society and serve as the foundation that leads to even greater stress. The effects of fragmentation include; anxiety, fear, tension, fatigue, confusion and illness.

HEALING STRESS The remedy for fragmentation and its subsequent anxiety and stress is INTEGRITY. Integrity is an energetic state of alignment and connection. When the mental, physical and emotional bodies connect and align, integrity follows. Integrity of mind-body-spirit creates clarity, stability, strength and the ability to handle any issue or event with a sense of effortless power and grace. Integrity heals fragmentation and stress. I have witnessed this type of healing thousands of times in my self and in my students and clients. It is the natural consequence of creating wholeness through integrity. Maintaining integrity is the secret to abundant health, happiness and energy.


Stress Defense is based on the principle of creating integrity as a way to heal the wound of fragmentation. The process of creating integrity is one of training the mind to stay present and anchored with in the physical body as a fluid, grounded channel. As a fluid, grounded person you will be able to give and receive in balance, to move and direct thoughts, feelings and sensations through your body without becoming exhausted or overwhelmed. Creating and maintaining a fluid and grounded center is a practice that leads to self-mastery and the ability to heal quickly and effortlessly.

Creating integrity is not a mystery, in fact its pretty simple once you understand the principle behind it. I use the forms of tai chi, qiqong, yoga, Reiki and meditation as a way to practice the principle of creating integrity. When I work with individuals I use elements of each of these forms to create a practice that is tailored to each person. Regardless of the “form” there are four basic principles that serve as the foundation of my technique. The four principles are to soften, smile, breathe and express.

1. Soften: Softening ones body and mind promotes fluidity and the ability to respond and adapt with minimal resistance. Softening neutralizes tension and helps conserve energy. Softening begins with the intention to focus with the "inner smile".

2. Smile: Effort and intention are governed by focus. Focus begins with the eyes. Cultivating a soft focus or an "inner smile" in the eyes reduces tension and promotes receptivity and fluidity. The inner smile is not a social smile, rather it is a command to soften and flow, it is the master key to healing and neutralizing stress. The inner smile combined with conscious breathing calms the nervous system and centers the mind within the body.

3. Breathe: Breath is life. We can live without food or water for days, but only minutes without breathing. Breath is our primary source of energy, expression, and power. Conscious breathing centers the mind, energizes the body, and calms the emotions. Deep rhythmic breathing activates the emotional body and provides an avenue of fluid expression.

4. Express: Expressing/channeling emotional energy reduces stress and internal pressure. Unexpressed emotion creates a static charge in the nervous system that leads to internal tension and energy stasis. Holding a static charge in check requires more effort and energy than letting it flow, and when held too long can overwhelm the nervous system. Imagine a stream of energy flowing down through the center of your body, out your feet and into the earth. Combine this image with a soft inner smile and conscious breathing and you create a fluid avenue of expression that is grounding and centering.

By mastering these four principles we empower ourselves with the ability to heal stress with integrity and grace. I teach the four principles as a preparation before undertaking any task and as the foundation of all Stress Defense forms. When you employ the four principles, you integrate and harmonize your energies into the present moment. Being fully present, you have greater access to all of your tools, resources and energy. To live as a powerful, creative person in this world of constant change requires integrity. Creating integrity requires practice. Constant practice leads to self-mastery and the ability to command the flow of life and lead it in the direction you choose.

PRACTICE Connecting for a moment lasts a moment. Connecting for an hour may last a couple of hours or a day or two. Creating and sustaining a harmonious connection of mind-body-spirit takes training and practice! If you want to become a master and take command of your energy, you must practice every day. You must practice frequency of action until it becomes a habit that becomes second nature. I train at least 30 minutes a day and then practice 3 minutes mini sessions through out the day. If you cannot make it to a regular Yoga or Chi Qong class, you can practice with one of my Stress Defense® DVD's. Every Stress Defense® DVD provides the student with an effective method for cultivating harmony and integrity of mind-body-spirit. The technique is simple and highly effective and can be applied to any situation, at anytime, and can be mastered with as little as thirty minutes of daily practice.
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