Christoph F. Germany
"It is easy to trust and believe in what Ron says, because his wisdom, loving kindness and commitment differ not from the man he is in private life. Through his influence my life changed from being self-destructive and angry to positive and loving. Ron and his teachings make the world a better place. Thank You!"
Kate B. NYC 
"I had four cancer operations. After six months of antibiotics the wound was still not completely healed. The pain from the infection was so intolerable I was exploring surgical options with my doctors. After just one session working with Ron the wound finally healed and the pain practically disappeared."
Barbara G. NYC
"There are many emotional and spiritual benefits that come from Ron and his energy work. But, I think what is truly masterful about Ron is his wide spread knowledge of how emotion and spirituality affect the health of the body."
Armond F.  Attorny at Law
I started my relationship with Ron with the belief that I was an island unto myself; I now have a profound, visceral understanding that I am a part of a larger community, a universal intelligence that transcends the limits of perceived time and space. If that is not a quantum shift in looking at the world, I don't know what is. the direction of my life has been profoundly affected by what I learned from Ron -- and I look forward to what I will learn from him in the future.

Constantine S.
Director American Academy of Dramatic Arts

As a result of studying with Ron I am able to face problems and solve them in a positive manner and relieve any stress or tension that I might be carrying around with me. I find that my immune system is stronger and I have a renewed and youthful vitality. I cannot praise Ron NaVarre enough for his mission and the work that he is doing.
Serita W, MSW 
I am most grateful for your explaining to me your way of understanding the confusing world we live in, giving me hope. The energy work made me feel relaxed in a way that was new and I have really turned a corner away from anxiety, a lot with your help.
I look forward to more of your remarkable treatments.
With gratitude and affection, 
Anat F. Musician, Composer, Isreal
Ron has a gentle-but-firm way about him, which is inspiring and strengthening to me. I feel that Ron has helped me bring out my true self to the surface, in a much more confident and peaceful way than ever before. I feel lucky to have him in my life as a guide.

Cynthia S, New York
Ron is a wonderful teacher and I have had the excellent fortune to be his student for the past 20 years. He seen me through many phases of my growth and has been a patient and generous guide. He has taught me  among other things,  how to ground and center, how to allow and make space for all feelings without judgment and most importantly he modeled all the behaviors he was teaching.
He truly walks the walk and is not only a wonderful teacher, but also a wonderful human being.
Valerie T,  Pennsylvania
Ron has this uncanny ability to know exactly what challenges I am currently facing and to address these issues without me even saying anything. There isn't a day that I don't think about something that Ron has taught me. The principles he teaches have given me much more confidence and taught me so much about myself. I am so grateful for everything.
Lauren C. Hawaii 
As a student of Ron NaVarre's Tai Chi class, I have learned how to develop mental and physical stamina to maintain my awareness of the present moment. Ron's course has allowed me to open myself to existing on profound levels. This level of awareness has helped me to take better care of my body and spirit, which has increased my internal tranquility. His teachings will remain with me through the rest of this life.

MG.  California
Gently and slowly, Ron taught me how to remain in the moment using my breath, a calm awareness of myself and my surroundings, and the idea of an inner smile. I feel so much better, better in a way that an altered diet or medicine had failed to help in the past. I truly attribute all these to Ron's Tai Chi class!
David D,  Israel
Ron has a unique way of teaching. He has a calming aura which helps guide you at your own pace, with constant guidance of reminding us to soften, to have an inner smile, to let go, to breathe, to connect. Ron helped me to be more aware of my energy, how to direct it, how to save it and how to use it efficiently. The process of learning and experiencing Tai Chi and Chi Qong with Ron has enriched me tremendously. I deeply hope that we all will be able to cultivate ourselves with the guidance of a teacher like Ron Navarre. 
John VW. NYU Teacher, New Jersey
I had a debilitating pain in my back between my shoulder blades that had lasted for three weeks, I asked Ron if he could help. Ron placed his hands on my back and requested that I breathe into the pain and envision the pain lowering down my back and into the ground. After ten minuets the pain was gone and a mild stiffness remained. Prior to my session with Ron I had two chiropractic adjustments and two hour-long massages that offered me minimal relief at a maximum expense. I found Ron Navarre to be a thorough, compassionate and knowledgeable healer. I always felt that my health was his primary concern and teaching me how to maintain it equally as important.