Attitude Magazine Vol. 14 No. 4
Stress Defense Meditation CD, reviewed by Bernadine Jennings

The information on so called self help CD’s is the primary reason for purchasing them. One makes selections based on intuition, feedback from colleagues, and often from reliable commentary(s) from related sources. I hope my words on this Stress Defense Meditation CD will be a reliable source that will persuade you to get one for yourself and for others as stress busters and constructive gifts. Ron NaVarre is an accomplished martial artist and veteran teacher of the healing arts that include Yoga, Tai Chi, bodywork and Qigong.

Foremost, this first audio offering from NaVarre uses the Chinese Healing Arts techniques of Qiqong and Tai Chi in a seamless marriage with yoga so that an energetic healing of “chi” energy can re-align and flow more fully through the chakras. By listening to this CD, you will achieve an interval of stillness. This interval of stillness manifests on both the physical and internal levels and will last well beyond the 30 minutes of the session. For me, the other great plus of this private intimate encounter with Eastern philosophy is that Ron NaVarre has a dulcet voice that is non controlling in tone and quite vivid in stimulating the multiple receptors of mind, body and spirit.
NaVarre is assisted in creating this optimal environment and invitation to openness by award winning musician/composer Daniel Levy.

The session contains an introduction and four guided imagery practices entitled.:
Breathing Meditation
Inner Smile Meditation
Centering Meditation
Softening Meditation

Each is a study of centering that achieves the titled result. In tandem they prepare one to dance, to rest deeply, prepare for daily close encounters with stressful persons/situations and more… Foremost, it is a practice for
chilling as generation x would say.

Short of going outdoors into actual nature/natural environments, Ron NaVarre’s
Stress Defense Meditation will give you a useful adjunct to favorite ways to unplug and detach from our fast paced lifestyles. NaVarre’s meditation practice will give you an opportunity to slow down and reframe reality into realistic human bytes of quality time, spent in self-induced harmony.